Vancouver Lab

Vancouver Lab

Vancouver Lab: Nano-Optoelectronics

  • Nanomaterials and architecture for high PCE photovoltaic devices
  • Optimal photon management and carrier management
  • Low temperature fabrication processĀ 

Located in our downtown Vancouver office, we have a small lab that has allowed us to simulate, build and test prototypes. The lab features a solar simulator, equipment to customize cells and various electronic apparatus. We are looking forward to moving into a new lab facility with significantly more space in late 2018. There we will run an environmental chamber, a laminator and a full-scale solar simulator. This space will allow us to build modules for North American pilot runs, as well as continue with our G3 research.

We have established research cooperation agreements with several universities, including SFU, UBC and UBCO. Our Vancouver lab benefits greatly from these collaborative partnerships.

Scientist in Vancouver lab
Our wet room at SFU
Scientist holding small prototype
One of our early device tests
Solar simulator testing
A PCE test in progress